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Naruto RPG

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1 Naruto RPG on Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:26 am


Head Admin

Become your Ninja Dream
-Follow your own story
-Do anything, anywhere
-Buy exotic pets
-Rank up from Academy Student to Kage
-Become a worldwide legend
-Lead your own village
-Create your own missions

Be supported
-Enjoy frequent, weekly updates
-Be part of a vibrant community
-Use simple stats for battling
-Enjoy a live feed of updates

Access to the most powerful weapons and armour
-Enter lotteries for epic prizes
-Join a huge clan
-Create your own legendary clan
-Wage wars between foes or clans for prizes
-Take part in Epic Missions that involve everyone
-Grab the hidden Legendary Weapons
-Trade powerful items

Become anyone, anywhere!
-Become a host of a Bijuu after a long journey
-Join the Akatsuki to hunt down Jinchuriki
-Become ANBU to hunt down Akatsuki
-Become a Sannin or Kage

If you don't feel like following your story...
-No limits RPG is avaliable, roleplay without any limits
-Take part in other non-Naruto RP's
-Practise your roleplay skills
-Hone your skills to the highest levels
-Roleplay for special events such as birthdays, Christmas and Halloween
-Talk about off-topic things including the latest manga

Join the Naruto RPG!

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2 Re: Naruto RPG on Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:02 am


Head Admin

Naruto RPG Newsletter
Winter - Spring 2011/2012

Naruto RPG has been through many ups and downs since its inception, but there's one thing you have to admit: It's been around for two years! With the advancement of the second year of roleplaying, there are many more features, news and events coming your way! (And those that have!)

Just before we begin, if you've been away since December, you should know we had a 200-year timeskip. Technology is now very slightly more advanced, but the world retains the old feel. Here's the plot:

Now, onto the main news topics that have occurred since December:

Activity Checks
3 Clans:
Activity checks are being held for the Hyuuga, Uchiha and Uzumaki clans so that we know how many of each are active for the upcoming event. Please post on this if you don't wish to lose your character, and wish to join in the new event.

Also, there's a separate activity check for everyone else. Why not just tie them together, you may ask? The issue with doing that is then we'd have to filter out who from each clan posted in the full check. In any case, this will concern your character, even if you aren't Hyuuga, Uchiha or Uzumaki. Come along and let us know you're still here!

This ties in with the activity check and the upcoming event. The timeskip will be one year, and there is even a countdown at the top of the site letting you know about this. When in this timeskip period, there is a 50% bonus to the stats and JP you get from your words. ALSO, the best two timeskip posts get a rank-up!

NRPG Classic
Were you there two years ago when the site began? Yes? No? Regardless of if you were or not, this will allow you to experience what the world was like back then! I have restored many of the old rules, application forms and more. Come along if you want a taste of the past!
(Please note: all events in NRPG Classic will not affect those in NRPG V4, and vice versa. This means you can have the same character in each, doing completely different things. Have fun!)

New Theme
NRPG got a new theme on its birthday. Instead of the blue we had, we're now bright orange! NRPG feels a lot cheerier and happier as a result of this. Come and see it - it's an amazing first sight!
Well, if you already have, it's probably worth coming back just to see it again Razz

Other Updates
- We no longer have canons
- New staff widget
- New poll
- Legendary Mission rules for Legendary Weapons
- Amane and Nashua are marrying

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