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The difficulty of creating sites

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1 The difficulty of creating sites on Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:55 pm


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Sometimes, you may feel it's just a chore to create sites, especially if you have been asked to make it, but you don't feel any motivation to continue it. However, if you are making a site you really want to carry on (like this one!) then it can feel really worth it when you finish.

On that topic, how hard do you find it to create a fully-functioning site around your daily tasks such as walking the dog, playing with the cat?

Personally, I don't find it hard as there are so many guides and tips around online and you can speak to anyone you want to. I also don't have much else to do during the day.

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2 Re: The difficulty of creating sites on Sat Mar 17, 2012 8:22 am


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In all honesty... I find it really easy, even right now in the midst of house-hunting for the first time (brain minefield!).

I think in a lot of ways, it helps to be organised - know when you're able to get online for the day, and what you should really do first, and then everything should be ok. Being realistic helps too - if you don't have more than two hours or so to spend on your own community every night, then it's probably not the best idea to start your own.

I think the difficulty comes when you're ill more than anything. Illness can drain someone much easily than routine chores or unexpected/not usual chores. I know when I'm ill (thankfully not often), I will happily snuggle under a duvet and never be seen again for a week or however long it takes for me to recover. At the same time though, my brain goes "SIZAEL, MISSY!" And I crawl over to the computer table, load it up and enjoy the site. When I do fall ill though, if I'm during an update's prep, the prep is made to wait. I'm also less likely to advertise when unwell.

The other difficulty to me, is making sure your site is guest-friendly and has new content. It can be hard when a site has been running for more than a year to bring new content that revitalises a site, but at the same time, these things can be critical; a site that remains the same is often a doomed site. Thankfully, I have yet to be defeated by my site, as it/my brain/questions of members always provides new ideas to implement.

Knowing when to introduce things can be a pain too though.

I've subdomains going to waste! Want one? PM me!
It'll look like this:
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